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The Brief: TOFU recently rolled out the 2020/21 recruitment campaign for Teach For Australia (TFA) – an organisation tackling educational inequity in Australia by providing a Leadership Development Program (LPD) that streamlines individuals with relevant degrees and places them in schools affected by educational inequality (mostly rural and remote schools). Our 2017 campaign was hugely successful for them, but they wanted to move the overall feel away from their professional/clean image, to something more ‘adventurous’ and ‘youthful’. The application process is complex and there are a lot of hoops for applicants to jump through. In 2017 we built out a streamlined application section for the website, and this needed to be improved for 2020/21 based on learnings and data.

Client: Teach for Australia

Category: Creative Campaign

Tags: creative, campaign, art, video, photography


The Challenge:  After our successful 2017 campaign, TFA found that all their competitors mimicked their creative and they went from being unique to looking just like everybody else. We also knew that there’s so many Leadership Development Programs available from some of the largest consultancies like KPMG, Ernest & Young and more, that we needed to cut through the noise of competitors and highlight the additional benefits of the TFA program. Not only could candidates end up with a placement as a teacher instantly, they would be completing a Master’s degree, getting paid and helping close the educational inequality gap across some of Australia’s most impacted region.


The Idea:

Creatively, we established a new look for the campaign – an evolution from the previous year’s professional and corporate tone to a vibrant palette featuring punchy, colourful photography. We worked with TFA’s recruitment team to pull out insights and key reasons for applicant hesitation and approached them head on – integrating these in a quote motif used across the artwork. The brand tagline is ‘Tell a different story’ – speaking to changing your own life and changing Australia’s statistics for low socio-economic schools.

Digitally, we rebuilt and reordered the LDP Application. A progress bar along the top of the page channeled users through the application process, covering the mission, the requirements, the program structure, the alumni stories as well as the potential outcomes. We focused on refining the website and application user experience by creating a suite of new page layout templates that better presented the complex information and documents the applicants would need to become familiar with.     


What We Did:

Campaign Strategy
Production – print/billboards
Digital and Social Media

The Results:

The campaign went live in Q1 2020 and was a major success for TFA – they saw a major uplift in applications from the previous quarter. Additionally, TFA were affected by COVID-19 and worked with us to create a tactical offshoot of the 2020 campaign specifically targeting individuals who had either lost or had limited job security to apply for the program.

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