Making a good cause stand out

Polished Man

The Brief: Polished Man is one of TOFU’s first clients – in 2016 we provided them with the strategic tools to fundraise over $1 million. 2017 saw us increase this to $1.7 million. Building on the success of our 2017 campaign we wanted to evolve the look and feel for 2018. We liked the ambassadors from previous years but wanted to focus more on the mechanism of fundraising – people’s painted nails. We also wanted to bring children into the mix, since the whole campaign is aimed at helping them.

Client: Polished Man

Category: Creative Campaign

Tags: creative, campaign, art, video, photography

The Idea: We let children paint the nails of our ambassadors and photographed their hands. We also straightened up the tag line to make sure everyone knew that Polished Man was there to stop violence against children. Then it was a simple matter of running a video and stills shoot on the same day with a roster of ambassadors and children. Then to roll out assets across a newly designed (by us) website and numerous channels of above and below the line media.

What We Did:

Campaign Strategy
Production – print/billboards
Digital and Social Media

The Results:The digital campaign received over 17 Million impressions across display, social and online video, helping the campaign raise an all-time high of $1.7 Million dollars.Our display campaign saw an increase in impressions by 555% from the previous year and an 88% increase in the number of clicks with a similar budget. The CPC of the display creative halved from the previous year whilst donation amount increased.Reaching over 169 countries through social media, the global reach of Polished Man continues to grow, providing further international opportunities.
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