Grill’d Relish

A donation that people will relish

Grill'd Relish Program

The Brief: Grill’d were launching their new Relish app – a new way for Grill’d and its customers to give back to the community – and needed an informative content piece to explain Relish’s “8 and Donate” function. It needed to be short, sharp, emotive and informative.

Client: Grill’d

Category: Animation

Tags: art direction, animation

The Idea: We scripted and storyboarded an animation that would guide the viewer through the Relish story. We mixed functionality with feeling to relay as much information and heart as possible. Using Grill’d’s look and feel we were also able to tailor an animation style that visually tied to the Relish app.

What We Did:

Sound Design 

The Results: The Grill’d Relish program launched to much fanfare and success. The program has since donated thousands of meals to those in need.
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