TOFU’s Top 5 – 9 May 2019

#1 – Facebook is rolling out its biggest redesign ever. With a focus on groups, events and messenger, Facebook is moving away from the news feed. Read more.

#2 – Would you share a scooter to beat the CBD gridlock? Introducing Scooti, Melbourne’s two-wheeled rival to Uber. Read more.

#3 – IT’S ABOUT BLOODY TIME! YouTube has FINALLY let go of its clunky, frustrating, complicated design for a new clean, binge-friendly alternative. Read more.

#4 – Another strong contender for ending humanity has entered the race – and with good odds! Read more.

#5 – Launch of Chat Bot ‘Hello Cass’. An SMS resource centre that breaks down the barriers of accessibility by seeking help for those who have experienced violence. Read more.

BONUS – You can view the screaming Roomba video here – note – this is definitely NSFW.

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