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Sustainability Victoria


Bread is one of Victoria’s most wasted foods. Sustainability Victoria wanted to educate people on the simple things they could do to avoid food waste. They needed a campaign across digital, social, outdoor and shopper that helped communicate all the extraordinary things you could do with bread (rather than waste it).

Sustainability Victoria
Sustainability Victoria
Campaign, Art Direction, Design, Digital, Social

Bread is Victoria’s #1 wasted food and research shows that the equivalent of 125 million loaves of bread are ending up in waste each year. Sustainability Victoria needed a campaign to help educate Victorians about what they could do with their bread to avoid it ending up in landfill.


We worked with Sustainability Victoria’s internal team to develop “Bread to be more” an idea that focused on educating audiences about how their bread could be so much more than just the regular toast. Since we wanted to focus on education, the campaign was created with a more “recipe book” approach that was available free in your local Coles and Woolies and online as a PDF. The campaign was launched across digital, social, outdoor and in-store.

The result
The campaign went live recently and campaign results / impact are pending.