A creative agency that gets those big global agency results without all that hierarchy and politics weighing us down. TOFU is a completely independent creative agency that pushes boundaries, utilises new technologies and backs it up with data driven solutions.

We’re a friendly bunch of tech-heads, creative types and producers who have come together to build an environment that fosters innovation, success and above average table-tennis skills.

What we do:

You can’t build a barn without a blueprint (trust us).

We build effective strategies that are truly integrated with the latest thinking models and platforms to ensure you reach a real, tangible target. Like putting a water bottle and panadol on your bedside table before a night on the town – where the water bottle represents ‘strategy’, the panadol is ‘results’ and the night on the town ends with karaoke till 5am (remind me to look up ‘analogy’).

The stuff that isn’t boring.

Whatever the brief, our dedicated creatives will not only think outside the box, but will abandon the box for so long that when we return to the box, it doesn’t recognise us and asks us to leave. In other words, from safe to surreal, our creatives can provide clients with ideas they didn’t even know they wanted.

You know the stuff that… well it’s in the name.

From large-scale cinematic TVCs to snackable Instagram moments via animation, audio, experiential and 360, we’re a fully functional producing machine. And hey, if you want a video with way too many starbursts, we’ll even do that. See more of our video work over at Tempeh Content.

The stuff that that looks nice.

Everything we do is designed to within an inch of its life, or to put it another way, nothing leaves our studio that doesn’t look amazing. From concept to finished art, our design studio does it all.

That computer and smart phone stuff.

Not unlike the movie Tron but unfortunately with less Jeff Bridges, we at TOFU know our way around both 1s and 0s. Not only are we data-led, we continue to leverage data throughout every campaign to optimise performance and results. So whether it’s crafting effective display, video, social, SEO, SEM or any other challenge you’ve got for us, we’re the team for the job.

The stuff that lets people see the work we do.

Whether it’s above the line, below the line, or online we’re all over it. At TOFU we always keep our eye on the evolving media landscape to ensure you have access to the latest channels and technologies. Our media strategy, buying, implementation and reporting make sure people will see your campaign.

Like digital but for people who take pictures of their food.

You know that stuff that your grandma thinks is the devil? Yeah, we’re good with that. Campaigns, content creation, influencers, and a whole bunch of newly invented terms.

Who we work with:

Recent work:

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TOFU is a full-service, fully independent creative agency that has a vast range of services and scalable resources to accommodate small to large-scale projects.

What we do:

Who we work with: